Privacy Policies

"Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" informs you that, in order to provide you with the best service and a quick response to your requests, it is required that clients or users provide some personal data in the form of an online application to proceed with online reservations through our online platform on our websites.

"Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" operates the official websites and Through these websites, the company assists clients interested in tour packages or any travel-related services. Your data is collected, processed, and stored by Albtours D in full compliance with the provisions of Law No. 9887, dated March 10, 2008, "On Personal Data Protection." These actions will be taken based on the principle of respecting and guaranteeing fundamental human rights and, in particular, the right to privacy.

Providing your personal data is not mandatory, but it is a necessary condition to proceed with your online reservation.

In accordance with Law No. 9887, dated March 10, 2008, "On the Protection of Personal Data in the Republic of Albania," "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" declares as follows:

  1. Definition of Terms

In this agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings: 1.1. Agency: A legal entity registered to perform the activity of offering, finding, and facilitating tourist trips, travel tickets for various modes of transport, as well as tickets for sports or cultural activities for clients in exchange for payment. 1.2. Cookie: A piece of information sent by a website and stored in the user's browser while the user is browsing the website. Each time a user opens a website, the browser sends a cookie to the user's server to notify it of the user's previous activity.

  1. Use of Cookies

2.1. The agency's websites use cookies to distinguish visitors from each other. Some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the agency's websites, allowing users to make online reservations and enabling the agency's staff to receive and process customer requests. For our website visitors, the system collects standard information for statistical purposes (e.g., to see the number of visitors, always without making them identifiable). 2.2. Some other types of cookies also help the agency's staff provide a good experience for customers when they visit the website. Cookies also provide information about the agency's offers. 2.3. Cookies are also used to advertise on the agency's website.

  1. Privacy Statement

3.1. "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" respects the privacy of its clients. This statement establishes the basis on which the data of each client is collected and processed. "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" ensures every client that the data that reaches the back office or that the client personally signs in the office is secure through a secure system and these data are used solely for the purpose of guaranteeing the client's reservation. These data are managed by specific individuals with limited access to them. Every sales agent of the company who collects data for clients has a contractual obligation with the company to respect the personal data collected during his work and to adhere to established rules for the care of personal data.

3.2. The following client data is collected through the website: a) Information that the client provides to make a travel reservation; b) Information that the client provides to participate in a contest advertised on the website, when completing a questionnaire, or when reporting a problem; c) Details of bank transfers made by the client to complete a reservation; ç) If the client contacts the agency's staff, the staff may store the email address. "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" uses contemporary technology to protect the security and confidentiality of client data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to the electronic system. Our security procedures are continuously improved with new technology. The environment where the servers and other equipment are stored is monitored with cameras and can only be accessed by the Administrator and the Director of Information Technology.

  1. Data Storage and Transfer

4.1. Data collected by the agency for reservation purposes and freely provided by the data subject may be transferred or stored outside the European Economic Area. Additionally, data may be processed by the hotel or transport facilities' staff to facilitate the client's travel and stay. 4.2. Based on contracts and agreements with global providers, "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" will transfer client data to their databases for clients who make reservations through the company's online platforms. "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator" guarantees the protection of clients' personal data according to international standards, as clearly expressed in the agreements signed with these providers. 4.3. All data collected by the agency will be stored on the secure servers of "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator". 4.4. Data collected by the agency may also be used by partner agencies of "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator". 4.5. Data collected by the agency may be used to inform clients about various offers from the agency.

  1. Withdrawal of Data Processing

The client has the right to request the agency to be informed of the information that may have been collected about them and then not to process personal data for marketing purposes or other reasons by email or a request addressed to the company at the contact address.

  1. Consent on Personal Data Protection

By continuing to use the websites of "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator," the client gives their consent for the collection and processing of data by the agency. Personal data will be retained for as long as necessary for the primary purpose of their collection. Data retention periods will be in full compliance with the legal framework in force. Client data will be stored for as long as necessary to ensure the provision of the service. If you have questions, comments, requests, or complaints regarding the use of this data by "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator," please contact us in writing at the following address: Privacy Responsible Person: "Albtours "D" Vas Tour Operator," Rr."Ibrahim Rugova," Nd.28, H.8, Tirana, Albania.